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Spiritual Care

The Foundation for Healing…

The spiritual well-being of our residents – how they relate to God – is woven into everything we do at Dallas LIFE. From daily chapel services to Sunday worship to prayer meetings and Bible study, Dallas LIFE touches each resident with the truths that:

  • God knows and loves each one of us personally.
  • Each one of us falls short of God’s standard because of our sin.
  • God sent Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our falling short.
  • We can be restored to God and have eternal life in heaven by accepting what Jesus gave for us.

We believe so strongly that healing spiritually is the basis for whole-person recovery, we have a full-time chaplain on our staff who interacts with each resident and directs our spiritual program.

“God used this place to change my life.” -Thomas

“Chapel services are one of the greatest things about this place.” -Anna