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Counseling Services

Addressing past hurts and present issues…

Our skilled counselors are Masters-level interns who help residents address their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs – and develop a healthy self-image, realistic perspective, and stable support system.

Participating in counseling is voluntary and sessions are offered free of charge. The counseling relationship provides a safe and confidential environment that is built on trust and acceptance.

All residents of Dallas LIFE are able to participate in individual and group therapy sessions with counselors on a consistent basis. Play therapy is offered for children. These sessions empower the resident to achieve a lasting quality of life through self-discovery, understanding his or her strengths and weaknesses, and encouragement in healthy decisions and practices.

Do you have questions about the counseling services offered at Dallas LIFE?

Please contact Josh Freeman, Counseling Director, at jfreeman@dallaslife.org or 214.421.1380 x1018.

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