Resident Guidelines

Guidelines for All Residents

  • Dallas LIFE is not a domestic violence shelter.
  • You are allowed 1, 13 gallon bag. Belongings must fit into Pest Control box for cleanliness standards.
  • If you are a married couple, you must have a valid marriage license.
  • Each person must have ID and a Social Security card
  • If you have no ID, you will need to get one through other agency assistance.
  • Children must have a birth certificate, Social Security card and immunization records.
  • We cannot take men on parole.
  • We cannot take anyone convicted of a sex crime at any time in the past or if you have been convicted of a heinous/violent crime
  • You must sign rules & regulations to stay.
  • You must shower daily, no exceptions.
  • If you commit to our program and then leave, you may not return for 30 days.
  • Breaking rules can result in a 30, 60, 90 day or PERMANENT restriction.
  • Children are always free.
  • We offer private rooms for married couples or those with children.
  • Every resident has a daily cleaning job, no exceptions.
  • There is no fraternization with other residents.
  • No pets allowed.
  • We perform random drug testing.

First time residents receives 3 free nights. After that, you choose between the Pay-To-Stay Program at $15 per night, or the 10-Month Homeless No More Program which is free for those having no income.