Spiritual Care

The Foundation for Healing...

The spiritual well-being of our residents - how they relate to God - is woven into everything we do at Dallas LIFE. From daily chapel services to Sunday worship to prayer meetings and Bible study, Dallas LIFE touches each resident with the truths that:

- God knows and loves each one of us personally.

- Each one of us falls short of God's standard

  because of our sin.

- God sent Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for

  our falling short.

- We can be restored to God and have eternal life in

  heaven by accepting what Jesus gave for us.

We believe so strongly that healing spiritually is the basis for whole-person recovery, we have a full-time chaplain on our staff who interacts with each resident and directs our spiritual program.


Do you have questions about God, the Bible, or your own faith?


Please contact Rev. Gene Gersten at ggersten@dallaslife.org

or 214.421.1380 x1012.

“God used this place to change my life.” -Thomas

“Chapel services are one of the greatest things

about this place.” -Anna



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