How many Volunteers does Dallas LIFE have?

Dallas LIFE has over 3,300 volunteers who help us run things smoothly! We could not do what we do without their help!

I’ve been approved to volunteer, now what?

Once you have been approved for volunteering at Dallas LIFE, meaning you have filled out the volunteer application and have received our approval email, then you may log in and view our schedule. You do this by hitting the Volunteer Scheduling tab on our volunteer page of our website. You will then log in with the email and password that you set up on your application. If you forget your password, you can simply hit the forgot my password button and create a new one. You will then be able to view our online schedule, see our needs and you can schedule yourself and remove yourself and/or your group from our schedule. Make sure you are scheduled before you come, the front desk will not let you volunteer if you are not on our schedule; this guarantees that all of our volunteers have passed the background check and are approved.

Where can I park?

Dallas LIFE has plenty of parking, We put in a brand new parking lot on site last year, we suggest large groups carpool. If you are bringing a bus, please contact Anna Brantley for instructions on parking and pick up and drop off.

What is the dress code?

All groups need to follow the Dallas LIFE dress code. Shorts may be worn, but need to come to the knees; It is preferred that jeans or slacks be worn by volunteers serving in the kitchen. Please no running shorts, leggings or tights as pants. Shirts must have sleeves, an appropriate neckline and cover the midriff. Please wear closed toed shoes to protect the volunteer’s feet (no sandals).

I want to volunteer with my kids, what is the age requirements for volunteering?

You must be at least 10 years of age to volunteer at Dallas LIFE, if you are working in the Kitchen to prep or serve Hot foods you must be at least 13, and if you are working with any children you must be at least 14 years old. All Children MUST be supervised by appropriate adult.

Does everyone in my group have to fill out a volunteer application?

No, only the group leader needs to fill out a volunteer application. He can add the information for the group on the application.

If you are a group working with children here at Dallas LIFE, then you need to provide us with the full names and/or maiden names of all the volunteers over the the age of 18 along with their birth dates. This can be provided either in the”notes” section of your application or in email form to

Can I help out in the kitchen?

Dallas LIFE serves over 900 meals a day in our fully operational kitchen. We need your help preparing, serving, and cleaning up each of meals. Lunch is served from 11:30-1pm and Dinner is served from 4:30-6pm. We serve 7 days a week and can especially use help during the week. We can take both individuals and/or groups as large as 20 people to help us in this area. You do not need to bring any food to serve, we serve the donated items that we get in, however, any donations you can bring with you is appreciated. It is preferred that jeans or slacks be worn by volunteers serving in the kitchen. Please no running shorts or leggings/tights as pants. Shirts must have sleeves, an appropriate neckline and cover the midriff. We will provide you with an apron, gloves, and hairnet. A baseball cap may be worn in place of the hairnet. Please wear closed toe shoes (no sandals).

Can’t find your question?

Email it to Pamela Culbertson at We would LOVE to answer it for you!

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